Cookies policy


This Cookie Policy integrates and completes the privacy note provided to the Website users.
When a user enters the Website for the first time, a brief note on the use of cookies will appear. By closing this note using the button provided and continuing to browse the Website, the user consents to the use of third party cookies, in line with the methods described in this Cookie Policy.

Definition of cookies

A cookie is a small text file that is sent to the browser and saved on the user's device when the latter visits a website. The cookies can be used for different purposes (IT authentications, monitoring sessions, memorising information about specific settings for the users who access the server, memorising preferences, etc.). For more information on cookies visit the websites www.about or

Type of cookies used by the Website

The Website uses the following technical cookies:
  • browser cookies: these cookies enable the Website to work properly and the contents of the Website to be viewed: Disabling them would lead to the Website not working properly. These cookies are not persistently memorised on the user's computer and disappear when the browser is closed;
  • the technical cookie required to keep track of the consent granted by the user.
The Website also uses the cookies of social platforms (such as those of the Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter platforms), managed by the interested third parties. These cookies are required to allow a social account to interact with our Website, enabling the user to like contents and share them with their friends and followers. The social platform cookies are not mandatory for browsing.
Below you will find more information about the social platform cookies used, the relative privacy notes and how these cookies can be disabled:
Owner NOTE Disablement
The Website uses profiling cookies. The profiling cookies are designed to create user profiles and use them to send advertising messages in line with the preferences expressed by the user when browsing.
While browsing, the user could also receive cookies sent by different websites or web servers (so-called "third party" cookies) on their device. These are configured directly by the managers of said sites and used for the purposes and in line with the procedures defined by the same.

Third party cookies

A number of non-technical third party cookies are installed through the website. These are activated by clicking on the button “OK” in the banner viewed by the user when entering the website or when continuing to browse by scrolling.
Here is a detailed list of the individual third party cookies, and the links through which the user can receive more information and request the disablement of these cookies.
Google Analytics
The Website uses Google Analytics for the purpose of performing analyses.
This is a web analysis service provided by Google using cookies which are deposited on the user's computer to enable statistic analyses to be carried out on the use of the visited website; additionally, as well as cookies, Google also uses a pixel tag (
The data generated by Google Analytics are stored by Google as indicated in the note which can be consulted here:
To consult the privacy note of the Google company, please visit the website
You can find the additional component of the browser needed to disable Google Analytics at the following link: .
Google remarketing services
The Website uses remarketing services offered by Google Inc. that entail the installation of cookies and pixels used to propose adverts that are more in line with the user's interests. These tools are used by the owner of the website for remarketing activities.
To consult the privacy note of the Google company and information on how to disable the cookies please visit the following links: –
Facebook remarketing
The website uses facebook remarketing for remarketing activities.
This is a service offered by Facebook Inc. that entail the installation of cookies and pixels used to propose adverts that are more in line with the user's interests. These tools are used by the owner of the website for remarketing activities.
For further information, including details of how to disable the cookies, we recommend you consult the following link
Installing the cookies
Except for the technical cookies, users can decide whether to install the other cookies and similar tools. Having viewed the brief note in the cookie banner, the user can decide to authorise their installation by clicking on the button “OK” or continuing to browse by scrolling.

Managing cookies by way of the browser settings

Almost all Internet browsers enable users to verify which cookies are present on their hard drive, block all cookies or receive a notification each time a cookie is installed. However, in some cases , the failure to install a cookie can make it impossible to use certain parts of the Website.
The instructions for disabling the cookies can be found on the following web pages: