Primary Function

Analysis and Verification of mechanical components of the vehicles. Provide inputs to Cabin/Body and Transmission design. Participating in design reviews.
  • Job Title: FEM / CFD ENGINEER
  • Department: Calculation

  • Location: Carpi

Major duties

  • Evaluate best solutions to improve mechanical strength, dynamic behaviour of all components of the vehicles.
  • Verify stress/strains caused by mechanical and thermal loads of the components comparing them with allowable values.
  • Simulate load conditions and homologation tests.
  • Evaluate mechanical components life (transmission life for instance).
  • Involve other functional engineering teams to evaluate new design solutions.

Technical Skills

  • Mechanical Engineering competencies and experience in mechanical design/calculation.
  • Good knowledge of Solids Mechanics.
  • Skill in using computer aided design and/or engineering tools as:

    - FEA Analysis: Static Linear, Static Non Linear (Implicit, Explicit), Dynamics (Modal, Frequency Response).
    - Multibody Simulation.
    - CFD Simulation.
    - Model Based Simulation.
    - Good knowledge of the English language.


  • Master Degree in Mechanical or Vehicle Engineering.

Relevant work experiences

  • 3/5 years experiences in mechanical design/calculation.

What we offer

  • Job grade and salary will be commensurate with the current experience.
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