Goldoni strives to find innovative and sustainable solutions for agricultural demands, particularly with regard to challenging terrain and specific needs: We follow the approach of an integrated agronomic system to facilitate the tasks of our customers. It is our aim to assist farmers in their everyday work by providing them with versatile machines and solutions.
Specific machines are required to meet the demands that come along with cultivating orchards and vineyards. Proceeding from narrow conditions, our machines apply to agricultural particularities all over the world – and they will not stop at new challenges: Goldoni’s tractors are on the verge of moving on towards open field. 
It is our aspiration to develop solutions in accordance with high quality standards, technological possibilities and forward-thinking environmentalism.  
Farmers and their goals are what drive us. They rely on products that make their daily work easier in the long term and adapt to their needs. We see their challenges as our challenges too. That's why we develop MACHINES FOR LIFE.

High quality standards

Durability is not only a phrase for us: We have proven to develop resilient machines, and thanks to our tightly woven net of distribution partners, we are able to offer comprehensive consultation, repair and maintenance service. We are keen to create efficient and safe work processes; due to this mindset we have always been an industry leader in safety. Over the past decades, Goldoni has earned the trust of its customers by offering leading products that enable farmers to be more successful.


Guided by consumer orientation, quality awareness and the endeavor to save energy and resources, Goldoni constantly works on the exploitation of current technological conditions and on the exploration of new possibilities: The idea of innovation is our driver, and our competence in research and development enables us to carry on a successful tradition of constructing machines that meet the needs of the times. 


Staying in touch with our customers and constant exchange of ideas is the basis for future developments. We achieve our success through continuous improvements in technology and performance, which is directed at the specific needs of our customers.