M10D - M15

In order to be productive, agriculture needs specialized machines that work quickly and safely. M10d - M15, the two-wheeled tractor specifically designed for specialized crops, provides undoubted guarantees for this type of work. Experience acquired during more than 80 years of manuwfacturing agricultural machines for specialized crops has allowed us to create a truly exceptional machine for nurseries, greenhouses and horticulture. Precision at work combined with the utmost in manoeuvrability make this two-wheeled tractor an essential machine for all market-gardeners and nurserymen in their daily work. The M two-wheeled tractor is extremely versatile, as testified by the numerous ways in which it can be used with the most different sorts of implement for every type of job. Thanks to its versatility and technical specifications, M10D - M15 allows you to quickly change the implements and cut grass, or sweep lawns and nurseries with use of a single driving unit.
  • 4FWD+3REV trasmission in both ways
  • Variable track by adjusting screw final drivers
  • GEARSTOP device on the handlebar grip
  • Reverse control on the handlebar
  • With differentiaL