S100 GT

A “little” machine for orchards and vineyards? The S100 GT (turbo intercooler, four-wheel drive, platform mounted on silent-blocks and a cab with a 360-degree view and air conditioning) will give you no cause to wish for a larger tractor. Balanced, compact, tough and tireless, these are the ideal companions for working worry-free, and there are 6 versions, so that you can find one that EXACTLY suits your needs.
  • Hydraulic circuit capacity 39+61 litres
  • Optimally balanced weight
  • Manoeuvrable and agile
  • Driving comfort: platform on “silent-blocks” and “pressurised” cab with A/C

Technical features

Brand FCA
Cylinders/Displacement N°/cm³ 4/2970
Engine Rated Power (ECE R120) KW/Hp 67/91
Rated speed rpm 2300
Max. torque nm 380
Max. torque engine speed rpm 1100
Emission level  3B
After treatment system DOC+DPF+EGR
Fuel tank capacity 70
Syncronized Mechanical Shuttle with dry clutch Y
Powershuttle with Wet clutch N
Range 3
N° Speed FWD+REV 24+12
Min. speed  0,41 km/h
Max. speed 40 km/h
4WD Yes
Mechanical diff lock -
Electrohydraulic diff lock Y
Indipendent PTO Y
Dry clutch with mechanical engagement Y
Wet clutch with Electrohydraulic engagement -
Speed 540/540E or 540/1002
Mechanical with draft and position control Y
 Mechancical with draft control and EASY lift -
 Electrohydraulic with draft position control OPT
 Lifting capacity 2500
 3 point hitch Category 1-2
Gear Pump Y
Load sensing pump -
Number of hydraulic pumps 2
Pump flow rate (1st, 2nd, 3rd circuit) 61+38
Rear hydraulic control valves (max) 5 or 3
Front hydraulic control valves (max) 2
Platform Y
Cab  Y
Low profile cab Y
Air conditioning Y
Hydrostatic steering Y
Driver's seat with mechanical suspension Y
Driver's seat with penumatic suspension -
Wheelbase mm 1992
Length front bumper/rear lifting arms (min - max) mm 3421
Width (min - max) mm 1500 - 1570
Height to cab (min - max) mm 2266 - 2291
Heigh to low profile cab ( min-max)  
Height at seat (min - max) mm 1040 - 1290
Ground clearance mm 352 - 377
Minimum turning radius with brakes m 2,5
Weight with safety frame (w/out ballast) kg 2375
Weight with cab (w/out ballast) kg 2610