Apr 13 - 2021

First tractor produced by Goldoni Keestrack

Goldoni Transcar 40 symbol of a new beginning

April 13, 2021  will remain in the history of Goldoni Keestarck.
This date marks a new beginning of the glorious Italian agricultural machinery brand. The newly formed company today celebrates its first milestone just 3 weeks after the handover. The first declared and centered objective was gained thanks to  prompt supply of components with the support of partner suppliers and a prompt organization of production lines that have been stopped for 18 months. The enthusiasm of the workers and the confidence in the new project led to the release from the assembly line of a Transcar 40.
A specific model of the Goldoni range, Transcar is a tractor with a loading platform that is particularly ideal and versatile in hilly, lake and woods applications where Goldoni has always built one of its most specific market niches. Symbolic model of the desire to put back into production the most successful tractors and motorcultivators of the Goldoni range, this first unit will be delivered to the dealer who will prepare the field test with the customer of the first machine of the Goldoni Keestrack era.
Cut ribbon
Group picture
Goldoni factory