Standing sturdily on the identical wide and low wheels of their 4WD systems, the isodiametric tractors from the E Series are the ideal solution for working
safely and securely in the most difficult conditions, thanks in part to the minimised turning radius of their
new tapered bodies. Now, with their new 4 cylinders delivering up to 100 hp, these machines have never been so powerful, so reliable, so Goldoni.
  • Range with 3 and 4 cylinders up to 102 hp
  • Maximum grip
  • 16+16 transmission with synchronised shuttle
  • Weight 2325 Kg

Technical features

Brand FCA
Cylinders/Displacement N°/cm³ 3/2227
Engine Rated Power (ECE R120) KW/Hp 60/81
Rated speed rpm 2600
Max. torque Nm 340
Max. torque engine speed rpm 1100
Emission level 3B
After treatment system DOC+DPF+EGR
Fuel tank capacity 45
Syncronized Mechanical Shuttle with dry clutch Y
Powershuttle with Wet clutch N
Range 4
N° Speed FWD+REV 16+16
Min. speed Km/h 0,61
Max. speed Km/h 40
4WD Yes
Mechanical diff lock -
Electrohydraulic diff lock Y
Gear Pump Y
Load sensing pump -
Number of hydraulic pumps 3
Pump flow rate (1st, 2nd, 3rd circuit) 61+24+15
Rear hydraulic control valves (max) 3
Front hydraulic control valves (max) 2
Platform Y
Low profile cab -
Air conditioning
Hydrostatic steering
Driver's seat with mechanical suspension
Driver's seat with penumatic suspension -
Wheelbase mm 1550
Length front bumper/rear lifting arms (min - max) mm 3308 - 3448
Width (min - max) mm 1250 - 1680
Height to cab (min - max) nn
Heigh to low profile cab ( min-max)  
Height at seat (min - max) mm 855 - 979
Ground clearance mm 268 - 333
Minimum turning radius with brakes m 2,3
Weight with safety frame (w/out ballast) kg 2275
Weight with cab (w/out ballast) nn
Indipendent PTO Y
Dry clutch with mechanical engagement Y
Wet clutch with Electrohydraulic engagement -
Speed 540/750
Mechanical with draft and position control Y
Mechancical with draft control and EASY lift Y
Electrohydraulic with draft position control -
Lifting capacity 2000
3 point hitch Category 1-2