Aug 01 - 2022

First machine operating with G FARM

Goldoni presents its smart farming world

Great news in the Goldoni family: - previewed at the Verona 2022 fair - from May 18, the platform for digital agriculture G FARM will be available on the entire product range and on all stores (Apple store and Google Play).
This is the first important step in the digital transformation of the company and in the farms of all our customers, a trend that in a few years will be the basis of every farm. Goldoni Keestrack strongly believes in this innovative development and today offers a system that is at the top of the category in terms of functionality and benefits.
To get the most out of Goldoni machine and better manage their farm, anyone who buys a Goldoni product with the Farming Pack 4.0 kit has access to:
HARDWARE: the modem and the 5 "inch coloured display on board allow to monitor the informations , record and send them to the cloud database with a proven and constant data transmission even in case of temporary loss of connection in areas with poor signal.
CLOUD DATABASE: The platform keeps data securely and returns them at all times. The stored machine datas can be viewed in real time or remotely and generate reports on the tractor's activities and its service status. These telemetry parameters can help the operator both in making daily work more efficient and  monitoring and maintaining the machine correctly throughout the year.
USER INTERFACE: The Desktop platform and the App downloadable on Smartphone and tablet  give further added value, creating an easy and intuitive interface to view not only the telemetry data of the tractor but also the possibility of managing the entire farm. Creation and management of fields and coltures, registration of the warehouse with all products used, agrowheateher, prescription maps, alerts and other services to support farming decisions in professional upgrades.
Goldoni Keestrack wants to cultivate a sustainable future together with its customers. The intelligent management of machinery and farm is the basis of this path.
Download the brochure HERE