Jun 17 - 2021

New Comfort Cab Release

Goldoni presents at Enovitis a new cabin configuration called “comfort”

The product improvement touch on one of the most important areas, the so called human-machine interface. The operator's area is a crucial aspect in development because it is where the user spends the greatest number of hours with the need to have all the machine's functions under control. Goldoni presents a new kit that will be available on all Ronin, S80 Plus, S90 110 cabin models and obviously on the flagship of the Goldoni range: the Q series
The development has been implemented into 4 directions: Comfort, Safety, Visibility and Attention to details.
Comfort and safety are linked with the installation of the bluethooth radio system with louder speakers and microphone to listen to music and make phone calls without losing control of the tractor. The mobile phone can remain positioned on the new front support and will always be charged thanks to the USB socket integrated in the underoof. Not only acoustic but also visual safety. A 7-inch monitor is available with the possibility of two video cameras: a rear one for perfect maneuvers and a second that can be positioned front or rear of the equipment for 360 ° control of the work area. This operation is also possible at night or in low light thanks to the new LED work lights on the cab roof. 4 working Headlights (2 front and 2 rear) that double the brightness beam compared to the current solution.
Visibility will further improve thanks to the cables and wiring harness optimization  that will no longer be visible, thus guaranteeing “clean” visibility on all 4 sides.
The new comfort cab is also more refined and aggressive with a side trim and an imperial dark gray that give a more modern look and in perfect combination with the orange elements of the bodywork. More attention to details and to all the finishes of the cab, the operator can work in total comfort and safety always having all the tractor functions under control.
Attention to details can also be seen in the practical retractable bottle holder, useful when needed and space-saving when not in use
With these features, all Goldoni specialized tractors with cabin aspires to be a modern center control to guarantee excellent performance and operational safety in every situation.
• Bluethooth radio with speakers and microphone for phone calls in total safety
• USB socket for mobile phone charging and front support
• Dark grey Interior trim and underoof
• 7 inch monitor with double rear view camera for 360 ° visibility even when maneuvering
• Cab roof LED work lights (2 front and 2 rear) to increase the light beam and evening and night visibility
Internal dark grey
Led working lights and beacon
Bottle holder
Rear camera 7 inch monitor
Radio Bluethooth e USB
mobile holder