Jun 23 - 2021

Goldoni enters in smart farming world

Goldoni presents at Enovitis a 100% compliant Industry 4.0 system to manage the tractor performance

GOLDONI fully enters the world of agriculture 4.0 by integrating and connecting its product range in the world of smart farming.
GOLDONI range will  be equipped with the most modern  systems that offer smart functions and solutions to the final custmomers.
The potential of this "new world" is huge and the mission is to improve efficiency, performance and allow the customer to better manage their farms. The first step of this evolution is now available.
The basic package named "Agriculture 4.0" is based on Hardware and Software solutions that, wisely integrated in the machine, allow to:
a. Connect the tractor with the farm and the dealer for perfect monitoring of the main processing parameters
b. Locate the fleet  during the work phases and during the recovery of the vehicles
c. Create a historical source of data to improve agronomic and diagnostic efficiency both in real time and remotely
From June 2021 the entire GOLDONI range of specialized tractors and tractors with loading platform will be equipped with the connection kit which consists of a gateway with GPS antenna and accelerometer integrated + virtual sim and tractor connection wiring. This kit will allow the dialogue between the tractor and the cloud server for data collection and analysis. In all the Cabin models, a 5-inch display will be added to view the working parameters directly on the machine.
This on-board equipment transforms the moving tractor into a source of data analyzed and stored  in real time in a server that returns usage analysis to the operator or to the fleet manager. Vice versa, the manager can set the work and timing plans for each connected tractor and communicate them to the operators of the individual vehicles.
Datas are saved and processed, creating a source of information useful for improving the performance of the machines, pre-alerting in case of potential problems or misuse, creating a historical trends to improve the productivity of the farm.
The benefits of the informations collected and analyzed is humble; to summarize the fleet manager can easily:
. View the status of the vehicle and its current location.
. View all engine and tractor parameters (engine rpm, fuel consumption, temperatures, distances traveled, hours worked, etc.)
. Consult the weather forecast and atmospheric parameters in the area where the tractor operates
. Set the machine operating time bands
.Set the work to be carried out for each machine in the park.
. Create statistical reports of machine performance with the possibility of comparing them to other machines and / or processes
The system also offers two additional and fundamental functions for prompt service and control of each machine:
. Maintenance function: The system signals the status of the checks to be carried out on the machine and the deadlines. This system is also connected with your reference dealer who will have the same information to guarantee prompt service and assistance.
. Tracking function: the system records all movements (and performances) of the machine that can be combined with a specific process
. Real Time Function: Possibility of contacting the dealer to monitor the operating parameters of the machine in real time
The first step of an even more important future evolution Goldoni continues in the path that has just begun under the guidance of Keestrack who wants to bring the product range to a higher level of performance and technology while maintaining the compact dimensions and the historical and unique characteristics of the product.
Agri 4.0 out
Monitor 5 inch
Industry 4.0 100% certified