Oct 08 - 2021

Goldoni tractors Official Facebook Community

Official Goldoni fan page on facebook to share customer experiences with the iconic italian specialized tractor brand

In recent years, and even more in recent months, the digital transformation is investing all sectors to improve and make our lives more efficient. Product and process innovations, digital transformation and analysis of millions of information to predict future operations, digital communication to share information, ideas and to keep in touch with people who have the same interests around the world.
Even in a sector linked to tradition and the simplicity of nature such as agriculture, digital transformation is increasingly present with evident benefits on the entire supply chain.
Goldoni Keestrack has started a path in this direction since the recent restart, a path that will involve the production processes in the company, the technology on the machine - already visible with the availability for the entire range of the Agriculture 4.0 kit, the first step towards the world of smart farming- and communication to keep in touch with our customers.
On this last point we want to draw attention, because Goldoni - Keestrack is very proud to highlight its community of fans and supporters. In recent months, Goldoni Keestrack focus tha attention on a greater presence and activity on official social pages (Facebook www.facebook.com/goldonikeestrack, Instagram www.instagram.com/goldonikeestrack, YouTube www.youtube.com/goldonikeestrack). New content, new product columns, new videos and many other initiatives that we will launch in the coming weeks.
In addition to the official pages development, which will continue with the same enthusiasm, we want to highlight and create the international official GOLDONI private Facebook group (click here to request access: www.facebook.com/groups/goldonitrattori ) which in recent months has become a real community where supporters, dealers, customers and users have shared and found information on the products and services of the historic italian brand. This community, born from Goldoni fans initiative, was founded in March 2020 and today has more than 12,000 members. Discussions, information, content sharing about Goldoni products, manufacturing, spare parts, entertainment and services are the main topics of the group.
Goldoni - Keestrack, the first company in the agricultural machinery sector, makes this community "official" following the automotive examples, to test new communication formulas, facilitate the exchange of information and increase the recognition of the historic brand.
Sharing of content, useful information for end users (how and where to find original spare parts and Goldoni tractor dealers) and open discussions are the first and immediate advantages of an active community. New initiatives dedicated to members will then be studied in the future.
The group is private, but all those who want to enter will be accepted to contribute constructively to the discussions and to deal with the fans of the Goldoni brand all over the world.
Continue to follow the official pages of Goldoni - Keestrack to stay up to date on new content and to subscribe to the group to receive and share information and content on the historic Made in Italy machines.
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